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Well I found, my darlings. Last Thursday I managed to pick myself much awaited parcel from I expected a lot that pair of shoes and bluetooth headphones, even I was very curious about them.13045456_1010480839041750_807711514_n

Helmets are good, start very quickly and lose contact with your hard, you pretty much battery, but this depends on how often you talk on the phone. They are very easy to use, various color tones are those who warn us how are:

  • 5 seconds if you hold down the headset will appear either blue sign that the headset is charged and turned on or off red sign that you helmet or it was downloaded.
  • also when you want to connect the headset to the phone you should keep the button pressed several seconds, until it begins mediation between red and blue.

13046273_1010480825708418_908897210_nShoes, unfortunately, I do not come. Their size is one less than I expected, so unfortunately she can not use. Instead I can gladly recommend, the material they are made is very good and sits well on the leg.

We promised that she will wear with this dress, well it looks like we had double bad luck and even this I can not. Instead you will find a dress to a new contest on my page. If I did not enjoy it, even someone else to do.

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