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A few months ago I gave my first command site, then I was scared that if they exceed 40 euros a duty to pay so I bought a few products. Later I learned that even products come in separate parcels and I decided to make a new order.
Yesterday was the day I had time for that and apparently missed shopping and had its say. I managed to do a total of 5 packages, but I’m glad I will not sum to pay customs. How could I resist not shop when I benefit from 20% discount?
And you can enjoy it all you have to do is to move the coupon code:water. The discount is valid from 1 June to 31 August. If you want to see on the site that you control the horizontal lines are highlighted cart packages. Now let’s see what I got from the website.

I want to start doing my nails so I started to gather the materials needed for this operation. I never sought such a nail abroad I said now add in one basket. I chose 338, but I’m sure I will order and others. I saw many beautiful colors.

28 Colors 6ml Nail Art Soak Off UV Gel Shiny Glitter Varnish Polish

There followed a series of nail stickers and right is very difficult to stop only on one product, especially when you have so many choices. I am very curious how it will come out with fingernails.

I saw many people in this type of stamp nail, it is a model that then you can easily put on nails. Of course I bought for him and a special sponge nail.

DANCINGNAIL Pink Plastic Nail Stamping Image Template Printing Plate Holder Stand Tray

Nail Art Sponge 1 Stamper 4 Sponge Shade Transfer Templates DIY

We finished with nails, now let’s get to the final product that I bought for me, it is this pair of sandals. I always wanted to buy me some, and I drew their model completely.

The following products and has chosen my sister, so let’s see what I’m going to arrive. He chose this facial massage apparatus, even’m curious how it will handle.

Micro Vibrate Facial Massager Roller Ion Anti-wrinkle Sliming Face Care Clean Tool

Of course he could not add to cart a makeup sponge, old i was broke and always lamented that he wants a new one.

Double Color Makeup Puff Foundation Blending Sponge Flawless Smooth Powder Gourd Shape

Speaking of makeup bought a special mirror, honestly it attracts me and me because it can adjust the position.

Magnifying Rotatable Double-Sided Desktop Cosmetic Vanity Mirror

Old piercing a little uncomfortable, so he decided to change it. He chose a very nice model with a very low price.

Bowknot Crystal Bow Belly Ring Body Piercing

his dress has managed to conquer it, but sin that does not have my size.

The heat outside made a stop on this shirt, I hope to be of good material.

Women Sleeveless O Neck Floral Printed Tank Top Irregular Hem Short Vest

These are products you will receive in the future. What do you think?

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