A wonderful dress and brush turned from Dresslink Review

Well I found, my loving fashionista. Before I start to tell you about products I want to give you great news using the codes you will have discounts on the site dresslink.com:
 notiteleionelei-15 == $1 off for purchase $15
 notiteleionelei-19 ==$2 off for purchase $19
 notiteleionelei-29 == $3 off for purchase $29
Codes are valid until February 27 2017 and can be used 200 times, so hurry.

About a week ago I raised long-awaited parcel from dresslink.com. I am very happy with all the products that we have received, dress suits me perfectly, and the brush is fixed what I wanted. But let’s take them one at a time. 

ACEVOG Women Sleeveless Flower Mini Party Evening Cocktail Garden Bubble Dress


The first time we talk about this gorgeous dress. It is beautiful and fits me perfectly. I chose the white and red because red benefited me always. I did not expect this model to suit my time, but that dress was on sale I decided to buy.

Its price is very low and the material is of very good quality. I really like because it allows the skin to breathe. I dress matched with a pair of white shoes.


The dress is perfect for shorter people and for the high, all you have to do is choose the right size. After this experience I want to take my dress and many other models.


Pro Fast Hair Straightener Electric Straightening Comb Hot Brush LCD Massager

For a long time I wanted to brush hair straightener. It’s so difficult to go directly when you have long hair. Brush is much easier. Came very nicely packed in a box. Below you can see the first images of the brush. Starting on the sidelines has buttons, increase and decrease in temperature.

To start you need to take a few seconds click the power button. Below is a picture of all the temperatures that can be used brush. Depending on the type of hair you decide and the temperature.


After setting the correct temperature you can start to use. It walks like a normal brush, ie for short hair comb should start to move up. I used 200 degrees today and it was enough for my hair to stand straightened 2:00 without hairspray.

If I use a higher temperature and a little hairspray as an good for straight hair throughout the day. The brush is perfect for anyone who wants a straight hair straight home and in a much shorter time.



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