What I want from banggood.com?

Good evening, dear readers.
This article will put now 4:00, but because I did not could not decide on just now published products. I do not know why not start the morning with shopping, especially losing many hours. Well usually I see the entire site in that time, but today was an exception. I visited the  banggood site because I wanted to get some clothes.
Until today I have not seen that they have so many products, I left the phones and tablets and got to nail art. It seems that this category I spent 4 hours, I have all sorts of tools and nail polish to gain professional manicure. However I never ever thought that a website can find many products. Not want to think about how I would get to choose a dress.
But let’s show you some of the products that arrived on my wishlist, I know I’m crazy, but I hope in the future to carry everything. The first time I stopped on this set of 36 nail polish, it drew both their number and variety of colors.

36 Colors Pure Colors UV Gel For Nail Extension
But soon I discovered another set, all of 36 but this time we speak of nail polish with glitter. I love glitter so I could not decide on a set and went on.

36 Pots Glitter Powder UV Builder Gel Nail Art Decoration Set
For this kind of nail polish, but you need a UV lamp  little things here because we did not have the money needed to take my big one. Then I discovered that UV light but smaller. But it is enough to make you home and to enjoy beautiful nails.

Mini Nail Polish Dryer Fan Machine Manicure Tool
I went on to get some sticks, but I found it, how to resist such a UV gel dryer? It is nice and small, again I find myself in a stalemate, or simply buying the monkey lamp? I know very childish, but that’s what I like most when shopping.

Cute Monkey Hand Nail Art Tips Design Gel Polish Dryer Manicure Care
I have not forgotten sticks, but I discovered something even more beautiful, it is these small paper cutters. Each has a different pattern and cut sheets or cartons that frame, then you can apply nail polish simple and fast and enjoy nail in that design. Moreover each product has him drawn up so as you can see from the beginning that use form.

Nail Art Hollow Nail Templates Handmade Cut Craft Printing Punch Tools
I stopped and polishes on that stand, to be honest I am tired of bottles thrown everywhere in the house and over to not find them when I need. The shelf is perfect for the room and will fit well with the decor.
What about products? Which one will draw attention? See the site is famous for banggood cloth.

3 Tiers Clear Acrylic Nail Polish Display Stand Cosmetic Organizer Rack Makeup

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