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As promised return and the second article newchic.com. And this time I did my nails, but do not know why I forgot to do the picture with the end result. Mini-holiday return from promise to return with fresh pictures.
I saw bloggers everywhere these little sponges:

 Nail Art Sponge Stamper Polish DIY Templates Transfer

that story is done manicures and right took me some time to figure out how to use me to get the right result.
The first time I put the nail directly on the nail sponge and then of course it was not caught very well and the result was not as expected.
Then I learned about the correct steps:
1. use a white nail polish on the nails so the new nail will catch directly on it and the result will be a different one.
2. I used a solution that hardens and remove nail polish around the edges, I do not exactly remember her name, but incumbent. This way you will not have to struggle with acetone to end.
3. Apply the polish cloth, try to use different colors for the impact is even stronger.
4. After the varnish dried peel away everything that was tight around the edges and apply nail polish.

Nail Art Sponge Stamper Polish DIY Templates Transfer newchic
The result of these manicure is superb!
Also in this package my sister received a makeup sponge:

 Double Color Makeup Puff Foundation Blending Sponge Flawless Smooth Powder Gourd Shape

Even though I have not personally used I can say that is very good. It’s fluffy and very well even apply foundation. It is also very easy to clean, just set kept under water and is like new.
On how pretentious is my sister make sure the product is very good!

Double Color Makeup Puff Foundation Blending Sponge Flawless Smooth Powder Gourd Shape newchic
In this package you need to be a facial massage device, which arrived but separately and about which we will talk in a new article.


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