Newchic new wishlist post!

Hello, my darlings!
It is time to make this one of the outfits that I want to buy from me I do not know if it is too busy, but I think I will stay well.
I was conquered by this dress on site

 Women Punk Bodycon Skull Print Slim Long Sleeved O Neck Dress

His model is very pleasing, reminiscent of the costumes for Halloween, but nevertheless go in this time. It is one of the products that attract the attention of others, not to mention the fact that its price is very low, and the delivery is very fast.
I’d love to dress to these assorted sneakers

 Big Size Fluorescent Light Up Star High Top Lace Up Flat Casual Sport Sneakers

even if I do not have five years, I smile sneakers idea of phosphorescent.
Just think what impression will be parties or exits club.Au several colors, but I would opt for black, also have large sizes in these sneakers, just perfect for me.

At this very beautiful outfit have a beautiful hairstyle. When I was little I had a very nice wavy hair, but when I grew up I started to straighten it and remained so in the end. Now I want curly hair so I decided to buy:

 25Pcs Plastic Styling Hairdressing Spiral Hair Perm Rod Long Short Size

So far I have curly straw, but there does not come out identical and in addition it is very difficult to catch hair. With this set of wavy curls can make the most beautiful and also you and fastening system. For me this set is absolutely perfect and certainly will not miss the last order. With just $ 6 you can have perfect curls.

You can get 20%off with the following coupon code,

Coupon code: Arriana

The coupon code valid from July 21st to 2017 Jan. 22th.

What about these products. Which one will attract?

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