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Have I said how much I love nail art and the preceding Articles, but now, your pleas, I will present and the place where I want to buy all the accessories. It newchic site, from which I purchased in the past beautiful accessories.
Remember that until January 22, 2017 you can use the discount code Arriana to receive 20% off your order on the site.
The first product we will talk about today is actually a set:

36W Nail Art UV Lamp Gel Polish Curing Dryer Light Acrylic Manicure Set White 110V 220V

You can not begin to become expert in something without a set, that has everything we could need and if you think that only reach a maximum 200ron I think it is worth it. You have a large lamp, nails, gels, even Little balls to apply them on a nail. A few videos on youtube and more skill you manage to have the most beautiful manicure.

I instead with this set and I took these nail stickers:

30 Sheet Multi Color Nail Art Stickers Tips Flower Decoration Decals

At first I thought it was just a sheet of that with stickers, but not at the price of only $ 3 and something you get all 30 films. They can be used to polish fine. It is very simple to use, you first give the desired nail polish, you choose the color. Then cut the desired pattern on the sheet, namely a place in the desired flower water for 30 seconds and then the nail, nail polish and everything is ready.

If our nails are beautiful we should do and lip, which I recommend:

3 Colors Jelly Temperature Change Lipstick Lip Gloss Balm Moisturizing No Fade Nonstick

I really like these lipsticks because they do not stand out. At first seem like lip gloss, but not. You can see in the picture above as seen after applying their lips. Please note the price is for sure Russian, if you want all you have to add another cart.
Spor shopping, my dears!

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