A new newchic wishlist!

Well I found, my darlings.

Please excuse my absence, but I want to take care of my new blog, which I have neglected and which I invite you to discover it. Website newchic.com I told you before, three parcels headed to Romania and we will discover together, I promise you new information about the nails.
Until then I have amassed a list of products that I want. This site has managed to conquer me from the beginning by low prices and speed of sending products. The first product I drew it once was the site of these lipsticks:

6 Colors Waterproof Lipstick Peel Off Mask Long Lasting Tint Lip Gloss

We’ve all seen online lately, and the price is very low on newchic.com. For example, you can buy them at 3.11 euros, is somewhere under 15RON and we do not find them under Ron 20-30. I know for some of the difference is not so great, but think if you want to take all colors. Some of those lipsticks are water-resistant and great for lips that are found in a wide range of colors.

Ever since newchic.com gotta check out the website greets you this beautiful dress:

O-Newe Plus Size Elegant Women Ruffle Chiffon High Low Party Dress

O-Newe Plus Size Elegant Women Ruffle Chiffon High Low Party Dress
It is a very nice model fixed in the color you simply adore. The material seems one high quality and very good for hot days. If blue is not among your favorite colors you can choose the model black or green. All dresses are gorgeous and I’m sure not emphasize imperfections body.

On top dress it would not stop suit without this pair of earrings:

Gold Plated Inlaid Crystal Star Stud Clip Earrings

Gold Plated Inlaid Crystal Star Stud Clip Earrings

We’re talking gold plated earrings. I really like this particular model that consists of two types of earrings. Specifically it is an asterisk and a pattern that comes up from the ear to the bottom. I do not know how I got, and earrings are available in black and green just like dresses. The model is just such a gorgeous dress and the price is really low.

Now let’s get to my follies series:

Men And Women Lovers Shoes Fluorescent Light Up Sneaker Lace Up Casual Running Shoes

I do not know why but I see wear on a pair of sneakers such. It simply delights that are phosphorescent and so colorful. Sneakers are both women and men. I just imagines what are the dark furor such a pair.

I can not stop without will present this set:

Pcs Best Friends Letter Heart Keychain Necklace

2Pcs Best Friends Letter Heart Keychain Necklace

The model is so beautiful and fit for your best friends. Also those from newchic have a special category for heart, you can find many gorgeous models of chains. But next time will also tell about it.

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