Stylewe invites us to discover trench coats!

Hello my dear, happy to found you again.
Today’s post is subject trench coat, but does not mention any trench coats but those of We are already the third day of autumn and we must prepare for more cool days.
Trench coats are those products that make us fall welcome, they are not very thick, which is why not go for very low temperatures. On the website we discovered StyleWe very colorful and beautiful models perfect for fashion aficionados.

White Graphic Long Sleeve Paneled Trench Coat

This model has completely conquered me ever since I saw it on the site. It is a sporty and very colorful, I love how it sits on the body and I’m sure it would fit in many kept. This trench coat reminds me of the beautiful landscapes of Italy, the beauty of all those places. Trench coat is one that you would wear forever.

Red Lapel Plain Long Sleeve Trench Coat With Belt

Some time ago, exactly at the beginning of college I had this kind of trench coat, are simply superb, sits on the body, they go to any outfit and are very elegant. I had to quit because I left my small country and we have not managed to find this model, the original I received from abroad. StyleWe brought smile on my face with trench coat and already thinking to add to my shopping list for college.

A-line 3/4 Sleeve Stand Collar Polyester Floral Print Vintage Trench Coat

Who knows maybe I swear I’m crazy about flowers after clothes with flowers on them. So it was impossible for such a trench coat to not attract attention and I’m not yet conquer at first sight. Unlike other models is longer, of course he did not go to any outfit, however each of us can find few occasions to wear it.

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