How to choose the most suitable clothes for a party

Whether it’s an office shindig or a wedding reception, we all love a great party. However, as much as we look forward to the fun of it all, it can be a nerve-wrecking experience finding the right clothes to wear. Should you wear something casual, elegant or sexy? It all depends on some factors.

How to choose the most suitable clothes for a party

1. Type/formality of the occasion

The type of occasion and its formality is basically the first step in determining your dressing options. While men have clear expectations on their choice of clothes, for women it’s a bit more complicated, because of the flexibility of their options. Knowing the basic principles can simplify the whole process.

For instance, how formal your clothing is, depends on its color, fabric and length. While neutral colors such as brown, grey and black are suitable for most events because of their versatility, prints are great for casual occasions.

For a formal set-up, a floor-length dress is suitable, whereas knee-length dresses work for most casual parties. Note that fabrics such as denim will make you look odd at semi-formal events, such as office luncheons or cocktail parties.

2. Dress code or theme of the party

While some parties are simply described as formal or casual, others require a specific dress code or dressing theme. This may include: weddings, beach parties, Halloween-themed parties, black and white parties, etc. It is important that whatever clothes you pick, match the theme or code of the party, otherwise you’ll end looking like the odd one out or upstaging a groom or bride at their wedding.

3. Your personal style and taste

Although the clothes you choose to wear to a party may be determined by a certain dress code, selecting something you like is also essential. Liking what you wear boosts your confidence, which is sometimes all you need to look and feel good. Find different options that align with the code, and select one that would look good on you.

3. Your body type

Avoid wearing something just because it’s „in” or clothes that are too big or small for your body. Go for outfits that accentuate your best features. If for example you’re pear-shaped with full hips and thighs, rather than wearing a one-piece dress, you’ll want to draw more attention to your upper body with bolder colored or horizontally striped clothes, with darker colors for your lower body. Thus, it’s important to first figure out your body type to determine what would be an appropriate fit.

4. Your skin tone and the color of your clothes


Before settling for a particular color of a dress, consider your skin complexion. You may look great in reds and yellows if you have a warm undertone, but it may not always be the case with blues and purples which are a much better pick for cool-toned complexions. It is always a great idea to select a dress with hues and shades that match your skin tone. However, black and white colored clothes work for all skin tones.

5. Accessories

You party clothes would not be complete without complementing accessories. Accessories can be anything from shoes, handbags, necklaces, to earrings. When deciding on accessories, ensure you keep in mind the look of your dress. If your dress is already over-the-top, then keep your accessories at a minimum. However, if it’s too plain or simple, revamp your look by adding some bold or chunky jewelry.

6. Time and venue of the event
Dressing in revealing clothes to events set in religious places such as churches will earn you unnecessary attention.

So if you plan on wearing a strapless dress, you may need to throw in a jacket as well. Also, sandals are a much better idea for beach parties, as compared to heels. The venue of the party can give you a hint on its formalness.

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