The most beautiful curtains to review newchic!

Well I found, my darlings. If you follow me on Instagram probably you learned that on Friday we received from Newchic curtains. Romanian Post spontaneous strike them caught in Bucharest so I had to wait to finish to receive the package.

Translucent Sheer Tulle Voile Organdy Curtain Drape Wedding Decor for Door Window Vestibule Room 14962904_1166516680104831_1873574360_n

Frankly I expect that kind of thick curtains, drapes whatsoever. However I managed in just two days fall in love with them. They are a thin and shiny material, and because my windows were almost 2 meters wide had to combine them by two, however I find it much easier now to shoot them. 14971817_1166516673438165_1026725862_n

The advantages of these curtains are:

1. primarily bring much more light into the house. Sun are directly taken from curtains and the room is much brighter.

2. A real paradise at night, you know how it sees the light flipped winter in the snow? Well as you can see on the curtain, the lights immediately captivates you and it is about impossible to give it up.

3. offers room aesthetics, if not come out very much in evidence. 14958652_1166516596771506_891357113_n

Drawbacks of such curtains:

1. Think outside that does not offer a lot of privacy, for example if you need to you can at the door, do not think otherwise have a downside. 14961423_1166516636771502_2026213848_n

The fact is that I was in love with them and if I chose purple now thinking about the future to take the pink or red.

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