Yoshop Wishlist: Vintage Alloy Rhinestone Fox Bracelet Watch

Hello, and we hear at midnight. As you can see today I will introduce a product on Yoshop. Honestly who could refuse such products? The site is full of special gadgets, fashion products and also special accessories. Each product on the site has a unique design fits perfectly with hundreds of outfits and always manage to find them on the site a must-have for our wardrobe. Today do not want to talk about clothes but about this beautiful gem:

Vintage Alloy Rhinestone Fox Bracelet Watch

As the name suggests is a beautiful watch, you can see from the picture it is a beautiful model. I model myself attracted the best and to be honest this is the criteria that I look first if I need an hour. However we are not talking about a simple elegance bracelet clock but a clock. If for example some dresses you can opt for a simple clock on this one can use whenever you want to create an elegant outfit. Just look at pictures than this clock and tell me please how did you refuse? It looks so nice and is so delicate that to be honest I do not think anyone would refuse.

How this bracelet clock sits on hand is sublime. Her design is special to me for example I really like how the stones are placed on the bracelet and they have been consistent. I feel like a clock completely black stones would have been very simple. Thus the combination of white and black stones plus the use of red stones nose is brutal. I am sure that such a clock would fit well with a black dress décolleté blouse or dress with a cream. I also believe that he would go for a fashion outfit. What do you think?

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