Online Shopping: Review blouse Tosave!

Howdy! The other day I received the parcel from Tosave not know if you remember but will tell him a few months ago on Facebook. The package arrived in the mail neighborhood, which I liked very much because I have escaped customs post.
I received two sets of Water decals and a blouse. Today we talk about the Tosave blouse.

I really like her model, but is somewhat disturbing material that is almost transparent. Initially it took some up to figure out how to wear, but the body really looks good.
Size fit very well to me, which makes me recommend them. Prices on their site are very small, which is why I did not expect high quality products.
My whole package was just $ 15 which managed to amaze me since the beginning. Recommend blouse especially for people who want to stands out. Using a white bra that is transparent will not get very much in evidence.

Yesterday I managed to make some pictures of her in front of Mercury. On then I realized how transparent it is. However I think it fits well with extravagant outfits. It has a button that allows to close the sidelines and that out from the crowd.

Have you ever ordered products on this site? If so, are you satisfied with their quality? I expect answers in comments and in private.

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