Tosave Water Decals Review!

Christ is Risen! Sorry for the delay, but we needed a break for Easter. I was talking last week about the site and if Tosave of clothes is not exactly to my liking, in terms of products for nail is fixed what I want!
Today I will present a perfect manicure for sunny summer days. On site you will find the most gorgeous Tosave Water Decals sets. Besides models are absolutely impressive price will leave you stunned. Initially I thought they would send only a single strap models, however I received a set of 50, 50 water give good read decals.

How to use water decals?

What do you need?

Water decals, plastic water glass, scissors, tweezers, nail normal top coat, acetone.

  1. Apply a normal nail polish, it should be similar to water color decals. I used blue nail it acquired from Auchan. 
  2. Allow to dry nail polish, then cut the patterns that you want to apply the nail. You will find water decals so small models and larger models, depending on the desired angle you can choose.
  3. You need a plastic cup with water at room temperature in it. Place a piece of water decals in water and let about 20 seconds.
  4. With tweezers remove water from the water decals. Slowly push your finger on water decals you see that model comes off. Then as soon you have to put it on the nail.
  5. Then you can apply the top coat and can clean with acetone If you missed the nail.

Now you can enjoy the most beautiful nails, perfect for spring. If you can help with other tips please leave comment or private message. Follow us for the soon return with a new post about water decals.

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