Tosave new watches Review post!

Howdy! The time has come too! More precisely today I will present the two watches received from Tosave. If you follow me on instagram or facebook I’m sure you’ve already seen some pictures with them. But now I will tell you what I like about each of them and I will present more pictures so that you can form a clearer picture about them.

1. New Fashion Women Rhinestone Hollow Bangle Bracelet Quartz Analog Wrist Watch

I started with it because I just fell in love with him. I did not think there was a watch bracelet that looked so good. I had seen it in the pictures on the site, but I do not know why I was actually expecting to be different.

Ever since I opened the parcel, my eyes fell on it and my next intention was to test it. It’s very good on my hand, and besides, I do not have to bother my head with those closers that are so specific to watch bracelets.

Another great thing to know is that on you find it in a wide range of colors. That means my next shopping list will get a new hue.

From what I’ve seen so far, the bracelet is very durable and not tangled, the clock works very well and additionally has that plastic thing that can be used when not using the bracelet for a very long time.

After me it is the most beautiful bracelet and you certainly should not miss out of the jewelry box. The color I leave to you, especially because you have so many colors to choose from. The price does not seem to have to be discussed anymore, especially as it is usually a very small one.

More pictures of the clock you can see here:

2. Women Rectangle Stainless Steel Bracelet Bangle Quartz Wrist Watch 5Colors

This is the second watch I got into this parcel. We are talking about a very beautiful jewel, more elegant than the first and much thinner. Even though the color of the watch is not as strong as the first one, I like it very much.

This clock also has a more difficult penetration, initially I did not like it because it takes a while until you figure out how to open it quickly, but then I realized this would stop the clock’s fall or other accidents.

Just like the first watch and it is available on the site at a very low price and in a wide range of colors. Another thing to be appreciated is that the transport is completely free and most of the parcels arrive at the neighborhood post office.

What can be more difficult at this time is reading the time, but I think anyone can get used to this quickly. In addition, the watch can only be used as an accessory, especially if most of us have a phone. I honestly find it difficult to watch the clock for the hour, I prefer to get the phone off soon if I do not already have it in my hand.

These were the two watches received this time from, below you will find more pictures with the second clock. Soon I’m coming back with a new review, so be on the move.


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