Review Jewelry from Tosave!

Howdy! I hope you are fine! Today is the time for a new brand that we have received from Tosave pictures and impressions. Because I received two sets of jewelry I decided to make a single post. I hope you like as much as I liked.

1. Fashion Women’s Flower Crystal Rhinestone Necklace Earrings Jewelry Set

We will start with this chain model because it can be more easily assorted in the outfit. I liked the model very much and I have to admit that I still had such a set, but black on another site, I will not tell her the name because that’s not important.

Instead it is important that the chain came in the sealed bag, that it has become whole and what I have seen so far has not changed its color. The model is very cute and fits nicely with evening outfits or stylish outfits. Honestly I do not think he would instead go to a casual outfit.

Earrings close very well, there’s really no chance of losing their ears. I walked on a simple dress because I did not find anything more suitable for the set. If green looks like a color that can not be assorted to many outfits, I invite you to buy another one.

On Tosave you have a huge range of colors, so I’m sure you will find something to your liking. Shipping is free even if you buy only one set, so I say it is worth it.

And this parcel has come to my neighborhood, so I’m very happy. Anyway even if it gets to customs, I do not think it would be a problem, especially as we are talking about a fairly small amount.

Below I will leave more pictures with the set and then I will introduce the second set.

2. Womens Rhinestone Crystal Pendant Necklace Earrings Jewelry Set 3 Colors

I left this set at the end because he conquered me completely. Initially, I just added it in the basket, then I changed my mind and took the first one. This set reminds me of the jewels of the sultans. Those who watched Suleyman The Magnificent surely know the beautiful sets the actresses wore.

As you’ve probably figured out, we’re already talking about a set that can not be worn at any outfit. It reflects elegance and attention, and he also manages to completely transform almost any outfit.

This set is very different from the first one, it is more beautiful and it is seen that it is worked differently. Now pemine, frankly I would be interested in this model but on the blue color, I saw some pictures and I am sure it is superb.

The price, after me, is very small and very ok especially if we take into account that no transport is paid. If you want an elegant and beautiful set, I propose that you stop on it and look for a color that suits you. Then I’m sure you will want other colors.

Here are some pictures of the product to see how it looks and how it looks.


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