Review Tosave Nail Art Products

Hello and I found you in a new article in the nail art series. Those who follow me on instagram or facebook probably already know how stressed you over the last week with those stamps of Tosave received. For those who do not know, however, I must mention that the pictures are from the 3rd nail art session that I did. Why did not I get out of the first you will find out if you read this article.
As I said above, I received the films from and you can buy them by clicking on the link below:

24 Sheets/Set Mixed Nail Art Stencil Stickers Manicure Decals Template Stamping

In short, there are 24 sheets each with 6 patterns each. Now comes the hardest part of how we use them and what are the secrets for everything to go well.

What do we use for a perfect manicure?

I have used:

  • Blue nail polish, I really liked the color and that’s why I chose it
  • Black stamps, it was the strongest color in the house, but I do not recommend it because if you get over it, it’s difficult. Otherwise, you can use any oja you want, provided you can see well above the base.
  • 5 sheets of stamps from Here it is up to you how you choose and how you use them.
  • Top Coat from Cupo
  • Cuticle Treatment from Cupo (It’s not obligatory, I like how it smells).

Now is the time to get to work.

Step 1.

Apply nail polish base, I used the blue one. You can opt for any other color, however I recommend you go all the way to a light-colored navy.

Step 2.

As long as you wait for the first cut to dry completely cut the stamp sheets into pieces, see that they have already drawn the lines. Just keep as much as you need to make manicure and keep the rest. I kept 2 of each model, because I did it in both hands.

Step 3.

After the first nail polish has completely dried, follow the steps below:

  • Unpack the stamp sheet, see that it has a corner from which you can easily detach it and stick it on the nail you want to color. Be careful that she sticks well on the nail and that there are no airspots underneath it. 
  • Use the nail polish to cover the holes. Be careful not to give too much because then the model will not form and you risk that the models will unite with each other. 
  • Leave 10 for 15 seconds and then pull the stamp sheet. Do not leave her more because she will go with the torch. I first thought the foil should be left to dry and the second layer of the nail, the big mistake I made, because in the end there was nothing left. 

Repeat these steps on all your nails. You can see in the pictures below how I did for each finger:

Step 4.

Using acetone eliminates the surplus on the nail, of course if it exists. Then apply a top coat to make the manicure last longer. If you have and if you like to use do not forget about cuticle oil.

This being said nail art is ready, if you have questions I expect in private or in comments.

Another cool website: SheInHair

Below the pictures with the final result to me.

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