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Hi and well we found you on an article about the site. I know I have promised this article for a very long time, but blogging issues have intensified and I have not found time at all. Once this article launches a prayer to you, whenever you see something strange at the blog, please give me a message.

The order made last month on Newchic conquered me completely, I knew we chose beautiful products, but in reality they are much more beautiful. Deacum you will have access to images and product links and facebook, so do not hesitate to follow me. P.S. And on instagram you have the opportunity to find very precious information, so do not forget to follow.

Now let me introduce you to the two products received a few weeks ago by post.

Big Size Canvas Korean Style Lace Up Buckle Wedge Heel Casual Shoes

For starters, we’ll discuss this beautiful pair of sneakers with the platform. That’s something we have not seen in the country and honestly to be delighted with the idea from the beginning. Because I saw that they had the platform I decided to take with a bigger number so that it would come more lenient.

Now I can tell you that the pair of shoes suits me nicely, letting my foot breathe. Adidas are very comonous, even if they are on the platform and do not get inconvenient while walking. I took the pink color and I am very pleased with the pair of shoes I received.

This kind of shoes goes well with both casual and sportswear. Well, I do not think anyone can use these shoes to run in the park, but they are good if you have to go on a long journey.

There are other colors on the website, which is why I invite you to look for more pairs. You have the chance to complete your wardrobe and create the most special outfits. If you have a pink dress in the wardrobe you can use it wonderfully with such a pair of shoes. Then you have the opportunity to add a bag to this outfit and the outfit is ready.

Below you have  all the photos taken during this period of shoes so that you can tell which pair you fit better.

Automatic Transparent Clear Colourful Umbrella Blossom Outdoor Umbrellas Rain Gear

Now we have arrived at the second product received from To be honest, I initially made it for this beautiful umbrella. I know you will say we have umbrellas in our country, but they are not so beautiful and of such good material.

In addition, the umbrella has a unique pattern that manages to protect against rain spray. Due to its oval shape, the umbrella protects against splashes that can wet the hair or even the face. The model is one that stands out immediately, you can also see in pictures how good it is and how it affects your friends.

I went to the pink model so I could match my shoes more easily, but the weather did not allow me to make the right photos. I’m looking at the window now that it’s raining, but it’s still too dark for the pictures to get out well. In the rest of the days we could not even enjoy the shadow. Nowadays, I’ve just been able to make some pictures that do not look so bad.

The umbrella is very beautiful and has reached customs probably because it is bulky, but nevertheless it has become intact the thing that I enjoyed a lot. For those who love small umbrellas that fit into the bag, recommend visiting the category of umbrellas and choosing the most suitable model.

If you enter the site you will see that there are other models of umbrellas, so you will definitely have a choice. Below I will leave you several pictures of the purchase product.


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