Rosegal Butterfly Embroidered 4 Pieces Backpack Set Review

faux leather backpack

Hi, dear ones! Welcome back! As I have promised you for a long time today, I will present a detailed review of the set received from Rosegal. You have to think that I love this set and hardly manage to get off my backpack. I did not expect him to have this effect on me, especially when I was young I did not like backpacks.

However, let’s be honest that this set looks demented and suits greatly with so many outfits. I have managed to associate it with at least 3 outfits and believe me that we have found many more. The backpack is perfect for school, college, shopping or even excursions. It is of a very good size and I can tell you by heart that many products come into it.

Bag is perfect for more elegant events, I would have liked to take her to the wedding, but the dress I wore did not match such a dress. The chain from her is a little strange because I always get her hair in it if I do not care, but I still think it’s suitable for such a bag. Unlike the backpack this time, the flyers are glued, but considering that we are not talking about a bag we would carry on a daily basis with us, I think it will go well.

The set also comes with a small bundle, it is perfect for a run at the corner shop, or when we want to have only the money and say a few papers. It fits nicely with other products and I’m sure it will be as durable.

If you also want a set that contains a backpack and elegant bag, but also wallet and card holder then this set is perfect. If you enter the link above you will be taken to a page with lots of backpacks and also with backpack sets. Below you can find more pictures with the products I received:



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