Rosegal Review Fashion Magic Candy 3 Colors Gradient Nontoxic Gel Nail Polish Set

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Fashion Magic Candy 3 Colors Gradient Nontoxic Gel Nail Polish Set

Well, I found you, my dear. I promised you some time ago a very nice review about the nail art products received from Well today I managed to get all my thoughts and realize this article. I have to apologize for the pictures, but my nails have not increased since my last experience and I had to improvise a little.

For those who do not track on Instagram and Facebook, I have to say that some time ago I ordered from 2 sets of eggs. They are used to create degraded manicures and are very beautiful. Each set comes in a gorgeous box and additionally the oats are numbered so we know what order they can use.

As I said above I ordered 2 sets, I did this because I wanted to see which set is nicer, if you stay up to the end I will say and what set conquered me. I’ll show you below the kits, and then the methods I’ve used.

Above you can see pictures with both sets. As you can see the colors are degraded just to give a picture as pleasant as possible. The bottles are small, but they still have enough hairs for at least 5 manicures. There is no need for the uv lamp for them, they are used just like normal. Now let’s see how we did the manicures. On the pack is recommended the 2nd variant, but as I had my nails I thought about it the first time.

1.Version with 3 different layers of nail polish

As I told you above, I have very small nails in this period and that is why the option offered by those on the site did not match my nails. Because I wanted to show you on my nails as well, I decided to test the nail version on all nails. Below I will explain how I did.

  • I applied the first layer of the oj from each set, I made it degraded because I did not know how well it would come out and I was sorry to waste the nail. I have to tell you that the oak is easy enough to apply, and the chances of overtaking are very small, especially as the brush is also small.
  • after the first layer has dried I applied the second coat, namely the ova with the number 2 in each set. Originally I wanted to quit, especially as the second layer almost did not even notice on the nail, but I still said to see the end.
  • after the second layer has dried, we must wait for it to dry, otherwise the result will not be as beautiful, we applied the third layer and we can already see that the model is a superb one.

When I dried I applied a lake, I am very happy with the eggs, especially as the model is very nice. You can also see the final result above.

2. Version with 3 types of nail used in degrade

Because my nails were too small to use, I used a fake nail. I do not know where I am from, but it seems to me very useful for such attempts. This time I followed the instructions on the box, instructions that I will also give you below.

  • for the first time, just like in the first case I applied the first layer of the nail over the entire surface of the nail. 
  • after the first layer has dried from half the nail I applied the second layer of nail polish. 
  • after both layers have dried I applied from the half of the layer applied previously the third layer of the nail. This way I got a great manicure in the degard. 

Honest to be both manicures I liked, in the future I will choose the manicure depending on how long my nails will be. As the colors I most liked the blue set, because I’m a great loving one of the light-colored barrels. what do you think about these oje? Which version did you like the most and what color?

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