Rosegal-Blogger Halloween cooperation


Howdy! Have you prepared for Halloween? If not, then you’d better start your preparations as soon as time passes, and this holiday may get you unprepared. Halloween is the only celebration in which we can disguise ourselves in the things we fear the most. It is a beautiful holiday where children have the opportunity to gather sweets and have fun with other children of their age.

What costume did you choose this year? Do not you know yet? Well then you have to visit Rosegal‘s website, I have seen so many spectacular costumes in my life and it’s hard for me to choose. For Halloween they have prepared a number of discounts that will make you want all the products from them on the site. What products are on my Halloween wishlist?

Halloween Plus Size Lace Up Hooded Maxi Dress

This dress I love enormously, the way it associates the old with the new is absolutely phenomenal. I think it would be perfect for a vampire or witch suit. If you do not like the red, no problem on Rosegal you will have the opportunity to find many other colors and choose the one that suits you best. If you take a look at the accessories you can easily complete the outfit.

Halloween Sheer Plus Size Spider Web Dress

This blouse is absolutely gorgeous, if you look carefully at the sleeves you will see how well they resemble the spider webs. Even if you do not have a particular suit, the blouse will help you get into the atmosphere offered by the beautiful Halloween celebration. The price is not great at all, so I think this blouse should not be missing from your wardrobe, especially as you will find the right size for you.

Halloween Spider Web Handkerchief Flowy Dress

And this dress is spectacular, especially as on the back has a beautiful spider web. With a pair of holsters with the holster is complete, if we also call on some vampire teeth, then we will surely have only to win. Not only the back of the dress is spectacular but also her sleeves, and this time Rosegal manages to conquer us with a unique and unique pattern. He would also go to our parties, especially since there is no emphasis on a complex costume.

On Rosegal you have the opportunity to buy Halloween decorations, clothes, jewelery and more. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy their products.

P.S. see that they also have a beautiful candy contest with which you can earn discounts and even a free order if you are lucky.

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