Make-up products from Rosegal Review

Well, I found you dear readers. As you probably already know earlier this week, I got a nice Rosegal parcel. It contained three make-up products that every woman needs. I can not tell you how happy they are. I’ve been using them for two days and sincere to be my makeup daily.

Perfect Cover Blemish Balm Moisturizing BB Cream Makeup Cosmetic Foundation

Any manicure starts with applying the foundation, so he could not miss my Rosegal shopping list. The price is much smaller than in the country, so I’m very pleased. Be careful because you need to put a little ground on this girl if you do not want him not to be absorbed by the skin and look super bad. She conquered me because she smells of roses, it is a great feeling to give yourself such a fond of face on the face as you smell the roses. I’ve got the right color for my skin and you can see some makeup below.

88 Colours Waterproof Eyeshadow Kit

When I saw this palette of makeup I knew it must be mine. It just looked so good on the site and the price was so small that I could not resist and put it in the basket. When it came to me I was the happiest, even if a color got a little hit, it captivated me. The varnish is easy to apply, not to be pressed on it, but it is only slowly taken off. The pleaope resists pretty well and I say it looks really cool. At the first makeup we used a more colorful shade to get better out of sight, and at the second I went to a shade close to the color of the skin. In any case this kit is perfect for any make-up fan who wants to have 88 shades and colors.

Moisturizing Long Wear Matte Lip Glaze

It was the rust that captivated me. It has a very nice texture and is very resistant. It is applied lightly on the lip with the integrated system, I recommend you take the surplus right after adding it otherwise it may be harder to remove. The lipstick dries very quickly and is resistant, I ate with it and I drank the water and it hardly broke off my lips. The color is magnificent, I honestly did not expect it to look so good in reality. I hope I can get more colors soon.

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