The best order from Rosegal -Review


Flower Embroidery Distressed Denim Cuffed Jeans

Faux Leather Rope Blood Halloween Necklace

Well, I found you, my dear readers. As you already know last week, I received a new Rosegal package. Because many asked me about the products I received, I decided to write this article. I have to tell you that the conquered me again. This time I decided to test the jeans from them and I have to tell you that I will also buy other pairs. Because I still had money, I added a perfect Halloween lanseur. But let me tell you my opinion about these products.

Let’s start with Flower Embroidery Distressed Denim Cuffed Jeans so this pair of jeans suits me nicely. In my case the dimensions were exactly those on the site, and the pair of jeans is perfect. I have to admit I was a little afraid when I got it just because of the size, but as they arrived, I was the happiest one.

The model is very spectacular, the flower is made very well, made of embroidery. Pink is not a very strong one, but it does come out very easily. The blues are made of very good material, so they deserve all the money. They also have cuts in the knee area, which makes them look more in tune with the latest fashion requirements.

On you will find a lot of pairs of jeans and now I’m even more convinced they will look exactly like in pictures. You can see below pictures of the jeans. As you can tell, they can be very easy to match to any kind of outfit. I walked on the blouse and the pair of boots left this time down.

Neither is the Faux Leather Rope Blood Halloween Necklace, the liquid inside makes it suitable for Halloween. Not once did I have the impression that he may indeed be blood. The lanyard is quickly matched to any outfit, especially as the pendant has such a unique pattern. We are talking about a vintage jewelery that will turn a simple outfit into a special one. I did not find earrings in this form, but I realized that the red earrings fit perfectly with this chain. Below I will leave you several photos with the lanseur received.

I am very pleased with this chain and I will also invite you to tell you about this order.

Below I will leave you several pictures of the two products:


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