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black friday sales

Howdy! With Rosegal I think you are already used to, I want to give you good news today: Soon we will start Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so Rosegal has prepared many surprises. I will present you today my wishlist, I selected from the products that will benefit from discounts during that period.

Discount Christmas Vintage Forest Print Ruched Pin Up Dress


This dress has captivated me, if you follow my postings you already know that we had a similar dress. Well, I like it even more because it has a decolletage and it is made of very good material. Even the price is not inferior, but by Black Friday we will have discounts, so it’s certainly cheaper.

 Christmas Plus Size Santa Claus Lace Trim T-shirt - Christmas Plus Size Santa Claus Lace Trim T-shirt -


At the above bluff, I love the lace most, I like the white lace with the red, so I added it to my wish list. If you enter Rosegal on the link above you will see that Black Friday has discounts on many Christmas products. For example, this blouse is perfect for both outfits and for giving a girlfriend a gift.

Affordable Christmas Bells Printed Coral Nonslip Fleece Bath Mat


I could not get over the carpet section without adding one to my wishlist. I already know how such a rug can change the appearance of a room. The fact that it’s about the Christmas theme made me stop thinking. If you do not like this model you can see that there are other Black Friday discount models, you will find something to your liking.

Affordable Wall Decor Christmas Ball and Star Print Tapestry


The Rosegal wallpapers have not yet spoken to you, but if you follow Instagram you already know I’m very happy with them. By Black Friday I want to add the above model to the cart, I’m sure that with its help I will be able to make the most successful pictures and it does not cost much either. Wallpapers are perfect for pictures, to hide various wall problems or simply to change the look of the room.

Faux Fur Insert Plus Size Asymmetric Cape Coat - Faux Fur Insert Plus Size Asymmetric Cape Coat -


The blouse above I liked it very much, precisely because it has the different model. Frankly, I would add it in the basket and I would wear it during autumn or spring. Mostly I like to look like a vampire’s cloak and he has that fluffy hood.

New Transparent Balloon with LED String Lights


I know I’m an adult, but I still could not resist not adding to the wish list and these balloons. Just think of what the ravages will do at the Christmas party, plus they can be filled with Helium to get up as high as possible.

Double Breasted Lace Up Capelet Dress Coat - Double Breasted Lace Up Capelet Dress Coat -


I promised not to add my coats to the shopping list, but how could I resist the above pattern? It is absolutely gorgeous and is also red. I already imagine how I look in it and I find it very hard to quit, especially as Black Friday will be at discounts.

Rudolph Matching Christmas Family Pajama - Rudolph Matching Christmas Family Pajama -


The set above is perfect for families, just think of what great pictures would come out. In addition to Rosegal, there are several such sets available, all you have to do is pick one that likes the whole family.

Outfits Stand Collar Single-Breasted Epaulet Embellished Jacket


The jacket above conquered me almost immediately, that is how not to love this model? If you have husbands then I think you just found the best gift for them. The material looks good and the price is absolutely fantastic.

Cheap Floral Printed Handbag


The bag above is already my sister and I can tell you she is in love with her. When I saw Rosegal at discounts, I knew she would be on my wish list.

How do you prepare for Black Friday? What products have attracted your attention to?

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