First zaful OOTD 2018 review

Halloween Spider Web Cut Out Midi Handkerchief Dress

Metal Embroidery Zipper Ankle Boots

Well I found you, dear readers. As you probably expect, it’s time for the first article of 2018. I kept this place for those at Shortly before we moved into the new year we received two beautiful packages from this site and that’s why the day before the new year I made the beautiful pictures. As you can see today’s outfit is composed of a spectacular dress and a pair of boots.

The dress is absolutely gorgeous, her model is unique, I have to tell you that we have not seen a similar one in our country. In addition, we are talking about very good quality material that seems to last for a long time. Even the lace is a very thick one and not the thin lace that breaks every shot.

Most of all, I like the canvas on the back of the dress. Effectively the model is absolutely superb and very qualitative. There’s no need to lose sight of the pattern on the sleeves, these spider webs are even very well done. You can also see the pictures below.

Also the dress is absolutely gorgeous because it has the hood too, even if you wear it during the evening you will have a small protection. Also the hood is perfect if you want to make a Halloween outfit. With the help of a spider webbing, your outfit will be even more spectacular. I also have to tell you that if the hood is left behind, the spider model almost noticed.

At the outfit I added the pair of boots also received from I had seen it on several bloggers and I could not help but buy it myself. I have to tell you that it was the best choice I made in 2017. This is mainly due to the fact that the toe is a very perfect one, almost like you do not feel like wearing holster boots.

I was very happy to see that the boots fit perfectly with the ordered dress, it was actually a real surprise to me. Because the outside is cool, we added to the outfit and a pair of colored baubles, taken from a shop from us.

Soon I will come back with a new review of all the products on so stay close.

Below you can find more pictures with outfit:



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