New Rosegal Products Review Post

Howdy! I know I promised this article some time ago, but please believe me I did not find spare time than now. As you can tell today I will present some of the products received from Rosegal and who conquered me.

Bow 3 Pieces Metal Backpack Set

Fashionable Strappy Printed Cut Out One-Piece Swimsuit For Women – Purplish Blue


The first product we’ll talk about is a backpack set. If you remember, I’ve also presented you with this set, also from Rosegal, a few months ago. Well, because I liked the first I ordered the second. This way I can change them and thus have more possibilities.

This set seemed more cute to the first because it is not white, but a light shade of gray. In addition, the gentle next to the set is great. You can quickly match her elegant outfits and even take her to a wedding or a party.

As you can see, I opted for something more special. Made of dress and vest. Besides, we went to a pair of short boots, and for the whole outfit I added a pair of diamond straps. Now I would go on dark shoes, but I still liked the whole outfit.

Giozdanul is gorgeous, his little pocket closes, so it’s very hard to stay without products. In addition to the back, it has a hidden pocket, good enough to put money, phone or other important items there. It’s spacious, so go to college or high school.

I could not help but added the basket and the swimming suit above. I know, you will say it has a great price, but believe me it’s worth all the bills. It is a thicker material, it has push up and in addition is elastic. I’d have taken pictures of you, but honestly I’m not going out so well in the house and I do not think you would have attracted. Instead, in May, when I arrive in Constanta I promise to come back with pictures.

These are the products that attracted me and which I would put in the basket again. What do you think of them?

Below you can find more pictures of the products:

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