Two New Outfits from Rosegal

I’ve been telling you a while ago that a new Rosegal package came to me. Well yesterday I managed to take photos with the second product and that’s why I decided to present you their review today. I have to confess that I am very pleased with both the products I received and that if I had not been chilled at the first pictures, those with the blouse, you would probably have seen this review earlier. Let me first introduce you to the three products that we will discuss today.

Tribal Print High Low Long Blouse Dress

Chain Ink Paint Crossbody Bag

A Line Striped Lace Panel Maxi Flowy Prom Dress – White And Black

The first dress is gorgeous. I honestly say that I expect to be shorter, that is, to come as a blouse. However, it is only good to wear as a dress. I assembled a pair of black tights, outside it was still cold, a pair of long boots and, of course, a pair of boots received from them. The dress is made of a very pleasant touch material that does not siphon. Being black and white is not very difficult to match the shoes.

The bag is of the right size. It’s great to get your phone and some money in it. Unfortunately, my wallets proved too big for her. It has a big pocket and closure is pretty safe. Sometimes even I lost a few seconds until I managed to open it. Being black with black is not very hard to add to the outfit. The model is a very nice look and honest to be like I liked how it matched both.

The last thing we’ll talk about is still a dress. This time we speak of a perfect one for the warm summer days, which does not need tights. As I told you earlier yesterday, I took advantage of the beautiful weather outside and I took several pictures of this dress. I’m taller and the dress does not go down, which I really like. The fabric is easy to siphon, which is not very nice, but being a dress under $ 10 I do not have to cry. Besides the dress we also found a material that is meant to cover the breasts and help us not to wear this bra.

Below you can see more pictures with the two outfits:


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