Summer starts with Rosegal!

Howdy! I finally managed to finish with Spring SuperBlog 2018, which means I will soon be back with more articles about fashion. The first one you have the opportunity to read it now is about the Rosegal  site. As you already know, we’ve had a lot of beautiful collaborations with this online site. Among the benefits that this online site offers us include free shipping. This means that the prices on the site are the ones we will finally pay. We will also pay only tracking if we want to know where our parcel is.

Plus Size Sequined Trim Skew Collar Tank Top

Last year I managed to fall in love with asymmetric blouses and that’s why for the summer I added several models to my wishlist. Among the most beautiful models that attracted me are the one above. We are talking about a very stylish blouse that helps you create a party outfit or go out with your girlfriends. More models can be seen here. You have a choice of a wide range of blouses, colors and patterns. I recommend that you see all the models before making a decision.

Tropical Palm Floral Halter Plus Size Ladder Cut Bikini

If I’m done with SuperBlog I have to prepare for Mamaia too, right? Well, that’s why I decided to visit more swim suits. This year I just want to be caught without a nice and sexy costume. Among the models that paid attention to Rosegal are the above. It is a sexy and very colorful swimsuit, in short, it is the model that I would love. I especially like the bikini model, it is very cute and will surely attract the attention of friends. Very nice is that there are dozens of costumes available on this site, so we definitely have the choice and we will be winning.

Plus Size Flare Sleeve Lace Up Tee – Wine Red

This year wearing red and what color is best with me I could not stop without adding some products in this shade to my shopping list. So when I get hold of money I can simply buy now and make sure I have a complete wardrobe. The above model is just one of the dozens that have paid attention to me over the years. It’s a very sexy and slim model and even if it’s long sleeves I’m sure it will not cause me problems.

What do you think about these products?

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