The most beautiful shoes are bought from Banggood! – Review

Welcome back, my dear readers! Today I want to talk to you about the last order I gave on banggood. This beautiful site has prepared me the most beautiful surprise this summer. More precisely thanks and with their help I managed to conquer the most beautiful pair of sandals and to give my sister a beautiful pair of opinions. But let’s talk about each product separately.

The first time I will highlight the beautiful pair of Sandals. I bought it because I long wanted to enjoy the beauty of such a pair of sandals. In addition to winning I chose the color of the light blue, I like the hue very much and additionally I know that this way can take out of anonymity any outfit. You can see some pictures of sandals below, at the end of the article I will post more pictures.

The sandals are very lightweight and because they catch their backs, they do not disturb the walking. Depending on our needs, we may leave a closer or wider connection. Even if at first glance the balls appear to be inconvenient for walking, this is not true. We will not even feel them, and we also offer the pair of sandals a very spectacular pattern. The sole made of the sole does not allow the foot to sweat, and in addition it does not disturb the walk. But I do not know how to behave in rainy weather, but I do not think there are any problems.

I have chosen the size 9 and it suits me wonderfully. If they were in stock, I would definitely have bought another color, just to change them more easily. Until then I can still enjoy these sandals, which really have a very good price. Did they tell me they got to the neighborhood postal office?

In the same package we also received the pair of Shoes below. Even though I have opted for the size of 9, unfortunately my opinions are small. I should have thought from the beginning that they are more straight forward, but I did not have that idea. However, I am glad that the opinioners could reach my sister and at least she would be able to wear them with pleasure. I’m afraid I’ll pick you up if I force them. I’ll leave you picture below.

Opposites are made of glossy material that makes them perfect for elegant outfits. I recommend that you buy them to look at a slightly larger size to be sure they will fit you. I like it a lot and I really feel sorry it does not have a bigger size, I would even have taken a couple for myself. Being blacks fit nicely with any kind of outfit and are not difficult to clean. They also have a small towel, which makes them suitable even for dresses.

If you want to see more shoe pairs, it is best to call Banggood. On their site you will discover the most varied range of products and you will benefit from very good prices. If you want the packages to reach the neighborhood post office, I recommend you buy products from the EU warehouses, if you can not claim you can also get from China.

What do you think about the products I have received?

Here are some more pictures:

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