Mother’s Day Gift Guide List From Banggood

Hello dear ones! Today I want to talk about Banggood. This beautiful online site has prepared many of our Mother’s Day discounts and promotions. As I could not resist the temptation, I prepared a little wishlist that I want to share with you. Do not forget to come to the site to get to know all the products you can buy.

Because I fell in love with this vintage style, I could not miss the Banggood dresses. You can see above one of the models that conquered me. I have to mention that the dress is made of two pieces, which means we can wear it like a normal dress when we want it. I love her model very much, it makes me think about the outfits you usually see except in fashion magazines. In addition you can see more by accessing vintage inspired dresses.

Because I found cheap dresses on them I added my wish list and dresses above. It is perfect for the hot summer days where all we want is to visit a new place or simply enjoy the surprises our city has prepared for us. With a small hat the elegant outfit is ready and we will be protected from the sun.

Because I really care about my skin, I’m thinking of starting a few masks treatments. To my luck, those in Banggood have some models that appeal to me. For example the one above is very funny and if I buy it I promise I come back with pictures of him. It’s a bioaqua mask. If you want to see more models, I invite you to visit the site.

Because I realized in my last holiday that I have many make-up products and that I can not take them with me on vacation I thought to use a bag for such products. You can see above what the model looks like to me, the harder it is with the color chosen, especially because I have so many possibilities. Besides, Banggood’s have cheap makeup bags. By accessing the link in this snippet you will find more models so you will definitely have the choice.

Did I tell you I love make-up products? Well can not go over promotions especially when they include cheap lipstick. I am very pleased with the colors she presents. I know they seem a little stranger, but I like it a lot and I’m already thinking how I can associate them with the important events. If you want classical lipsticks then go directly to the site, you will surely find something to your liking.

If you follow my articles then you surely know that I’m mad after all sorts of eggs. Now at Banggood I noticed they have a promotion at cat eye nail polish. You can see above the range of colors present and if you enter the link you will see how the nails look like. Banggod makes sure we get the best products and we will not pay that much either. We only need a little time to choose the much-wanted products.

Close this wishlist with blackhead removal peel off mask. I’m sure you saw at least one ad about her and you wanted to test it. Well, Banggood has the price at least 50% lower than the one we saw in stores. That’s why I thought about adding it to my wishlist.

What do you think about these products?


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