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Hey! Because I know that many people come to wear glasses I thought today we should talk about a shop where we can buy the most beautiful and special glasses frames online. His name is Voogueme and offers great quality. Besides, I have to confess that they have the prettiest frame models. I do not think we talked about this on the blog, but many years ago I wore glasses. At that time I did not know about the existence of this site so I chose the simplest and most unfortunate frames of glasses. I just wanted to keep them in the holster than to show up with them on the street.


Now it depends a lot and why you want it, you want a younger model or you want a pair of office glasses. I sincerely say that I would go with the greatest pleasure to colorful and attractive designs. They offer me the opportunity to turn any outfit into a true masterpiece. Okay if the job would make me opted for the brownline eyeglass, but a model like the one below. I just love cat eye models, I have the impression that they help me transform. In addition, the diamonds on the edge of the frame have corrupted me directly. The pair looks absolutely brilliant.

eye glasses

As I can not think of myself, I just said to choose a model for my dad. Because I know he’s always been passionate about planes, I think a pair of
aviator eyeglasses is fixed that he needs to attract the attention of others and to enjoy the pairs of glasses. I also have to tell you that the models are so beautiful that even I can barely add them all in the cart.


What do you think of them? You who would you choose?

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