A new newchic review!

Well I found my dear.
It’s been a while since we raised the new parcel post from newchic.com unfortunately for me my sneakers are small, so everything will go to my sister. And I’m so sorry because they are a very beautiful model and quality.

Hook Loop Floral Print Heel Increasing Flat Casual Sport Shoes

Frankly I did not expect to look so beautiful are the platform, but the platform is hidden inside shoes are perfect for shorter people. They will be able to reach the desired height without even others to realize what is happening.

It might seem, given that the platform is very hard to wear but keep to disagree, are very lightweight and can run very well in them. So are perfect for gym classes. With platform will protect the foot of water, I noticed that very well and I do not think that the water has a chance to go through them.

On site are also found in other versions or better with other models, which is why I invite you to choose the pair that suits you the most. Their price is very low and are delivered very quickly to have delayed me because when I made the order were not in stock. Yet although the order had to leave for Romania on September 3 they left on August 20 and something.


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