Happy 3 rd anniversary Newchic.com

Hello, hello! This article has been outlined for 2 days already, I just did not know what surprises to reveal to you and let you discover it yourself. Today I have very nice news: The Newchic.com 3rd Anniversary is coming and those who www.newchic.com want to celebrate it with you.

Because I want to help you, I have chosen to tell you about 9 events. You can find more about them in the article:

A Guide to Enjoy Newchic  3rd Anniversary Party !

Let’s start from the beginning, I’ll tell you a lot about them and then you’ll find all the details in the article above. For questions I’m waiting for your comments.

Vote and win coupon: which one do you prefer?

This is the best game, you have to select which product you like more than two. You will receive a 15% discount code, then on Aug. 8 you will be able to take the highest rated product at just $ 8.8. But you have to hurry because the quantities are limited.

Download Newchic APP and get 20% off coupon

If you choose to install Newchic on your anniversary, you will earn a 20% discount code. This is not all in the application you will have products at a lower price and many other benefits, so do not hesitate and now go into their application.

Free shipping with Women’s accessories

From July 4th many products have free shipping, which means you can buy them at a great price.

New customers’ privilege

So new customers now have a lot of discounts, They can get a 55% discount on orders, just think what it means especially at what low prices are at newchic.com.

Home products’ discount

Here I’m going to tell you more, more precisely if you buy two products for your home you will enjoy a $ 10 discount, that’s what the discounts will already have on the products. In addition, on August 8, you’ll get a new discount if you have any items in the cart.

Mens’  discount and Women’s Discount

Many discounts for both women and men await you on the site at newchic.com

72 HOURS EPIC SALE,8th~10th Aug

Here we are talking about products at very low prices but with limited stocks so you have to be on the stage to enjoy discounts. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll find something to your liking.

These are just a few of the surprises that newchic.com teaches you. I advise you to watch your site very carefully during this period to enjoy all the discounts and offers available.

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