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Welcome! Would you miss me? I do not know if you’ve noticed, but lately I posted a lot of pictures and videos with Rosegal installations. Well today, because I’m still outside, I thought to tell you my opinions about them. I have to tell you from the very beginning that I like to buy lights all the year, not just for Christmas.

I like my court to be full of light and to attract attention. Plus, Christmas lights can be found at discounts during the year. Before I start I must confess that I fell in love with the installations that load through the sunlight. You just do not have to have the light to load them, all you have to do is let them get in the sun. They are also loaded during the cloudy period, even if they resist less than if the sun is out.

The first installation we’ll talk about is the one with the bells. It is a very beautiful installation that goes all the way through the year and not just on Christmas. It has two games of lights: lights that are always on and flashing flashing off. I sincerely like both versions. On the sunlight there is both the on-off and the light-change button. All you have to do is press them according to what you want them to do. The bells are made of a very durable material, so it’s hard to break.

The second installation is even better than the first. More specifically, we are talking about several multi-game lights. I can not tell you exactly how many games of light it has, but there are a few. In the video above you can see some of them. Just like the first installation and it has a button on / off and mode. The installation would look great if you put it up somewhere so it really looks like a curtain. You do not have to complicate yourself with improvisations, all you need is a few pioneers. It is related to loading and it is also done with the help of the solar lamp, so you do not have to have a socket nearby.

The third light looks a little like the classic lights, but it is longer and works great for decorating the courtyard. I’m sorry I did not shoot it before the snow comes in, but how do I post it here? The installation also goes on the sunlight and has more games, so you can not get bored with it. I chose the RGB model, but you can go on a single color.

The last light is based on USB, I took it because I liked the model very much. It is a very thin and yet strong light. You can pair it with your laptop or use a universal charger. You can use it as a classic installation or how I used it above. Being very flexible is not difficult to add to a jar, or to decorate the flowers with it. Just a jar, some flowers and such a facility will help you win a beautiful decoration.

What do you think about lights, you just buy them for Christmas?

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