A new Rosegal Wishlist Post

Welcome back! We start in March with a new wish list with Rosegal products. As you probably already know I fell in love with this site and since then I’m trying to find as many opportunities to buy their products.

For those who do not know Rosegal.com is a site that offers products from the most diversified categories at very good prices. In addition to their website you will be able to benefit from each transport free of charge, which is very cool.

For example, with the above products, it is very easy to create a spectacular outfit. All products are from rosegal and if you click on their pictures you will be able to get to the site to buy them. Before you take them, I recommend checking the table with centimeters.

The jacket above conquered me. It is neither very thick nor thin. Plus being white manages to fit into many outfits. In addition, it looks like the perfect jacket for spring, and with the hood we do not have to worry if the rain starts. Rosegal is available in many colors, so it’s best to choose the one that suits you best.

Step 2 is to choose the blouse. I have opted for the above model. I really like it especially because the front is simple and just in the back has the butterfly model. Just like the jacket on Rosegal there are many colors, so it’s not hard to create a dress with her.

After I found the blouse I found and the pair of jeans is higher. I really like how it blends with the blouse, and that at the bottom it has lace. It’s not really hard to create an elegant outfit with the pair of pants above, especially because it’s so beautiful.

For the simplest outfit to be complete, we also need to add a pair of shoes. For my outfit I chose the above pair, just the model is too good to be able to refuse. Of course, the pair of shoes can be used to create other outfits at any time, so you will only have it won if you buy it.

If you want a complete oligarchy outfit you should also look for a bag, but also for accessories for the outfit. Those from Rosegal are the ones that offer you accessories too, so you do not have to change several sites to create a outfit.

What do you think about Rosegal’s outfit?

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