3 tips to keep in mind when ordering online

About the time when this blog was born, my love for online shopping started. Over the years I have managed to gather more useful information about them and that is why I thought to introduce them to you. If you want to place an order without any hassle on a website outside the country then you should consider 3 very important details.

Check the size chart each time

Every time you want to order something online check the size chart. There are sites that create products using a single table or sites that have different tables depending on the type of product. This is why on one site you may need the size L, and the other the size S. In general, the return of products is difficult and costs a lot, which is why we must always make sure that we have chosen the best size.

Interested in customs duties

Before placing an order, ask about customs duties. Not all countries are practiced and that is why it is better to know about them beforehand. In our country there are fees that are payable only if the parcel reaches the customs office and if the parcel exceeds 10 euros. Of course, these rules only apply to packages coming from outside the European Union. Remember that these taxes will also add the final value of the product, so when comparing prices you have to consider them too.

Follow the order (s) online

After placing the order your problems have not ended. If you have chosen a trusted site then you will surely receive a package tracking number. That way you will always know where your package is and when is the right time to go after it. There are two types of tracking numbers: some showing your notifications only until the parcel has left the country of dispatch and others showing you the ones in the country of destination.

If you have only one tracking number then you should use the Individual Tracking Tool. All you have to do is copy the tracking number from the sender’s site and put it in the space it is intended for. Then you will be able to find out all the existing information up to that point. This tracking tool can help you tracking packages sent with TNT for example. The procedure is very simple, add the number, search and then check the details.

Because I receive many packages per month, I use the Mutiple Tracking Tool. This way I keep either the account or a word on the tracking numbers and then I just paste them on the tracking site. I can track parcels sent through anything even through FedEx. It is important to have the tracking numbers and to ensure at least 3 minutes per day for them.

What do you guys take into account when placing orders online?

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